Mariana and Tyler | St. Clair Inn | St Clair, MI


January 17, 2024

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Mariana and Tyler met online and quickly discovered how perfect they were for each other and decided to tie the knot at the courthouse. However, their love story didn’t end there. On 9/2/23, Mariana and Tyler celebrated their union at the stunning St. Clair Inn in St Clair, Michigan. The venue’s breathtaking views of the water provided a romantic backdrop for their celebration. Boaters passing by couldn’t help but pause and witness the magical moment unfolding on the shore. The sight of the couple exchanging vows and the joyous celebration captured the attention of onlookers, turning their wedding into a spectacle admired by those on the water.

One of the most touching moments of the celebration was the first look between Mariana and her father. As he saw his daughter in her wedding attire, the pride and happiness in his eyes spoke volumes. It was a moment that encapsulated the love between a father and his daughter.

Tyler’s commitment to embracing Mariana’s culture was evident in his heartfelt vows. While he expressed his love in English, he took it a step further by learning and reciting his vows in Portuguese. The exchange of bilingual vows symbolized not only their commitment to each other but also their dedication to understanding and embracing each other’s backgrounds.

From Mariana’s family traveling from Brazil to join the festivities to heartfelt moments like the first look with her father, Tyler’s bilingual vows, and boaters watching in awe, their celebration was a filled with joy, love, and genuine connection.

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