Avani + Chris – Stony Creek Summer Engagement Session

This day was absolutely perfect. From the couple, to the location, and the weather. A little bit of sun and a little bit of clouds to diffuse the sun is my absolute favorite type of light to shoot in (ok I basically love every type of light but something about this light made me so happy.) Stony Creek is one of Avani and Chris’ favorite place to hangout at so it made sense that they picked it for their session. Plus if you know me, I rave about how beautiful Stony Creek is on the daily. Every corner you turn has a unique and beautiful location! I honestly probably should have made their session 3 hours long because we just chatted away during their session! I love when engagement sessions feel like you’re just hanging out with buddies. Its honestly such a great feeling. Also I can’t believe these two get married next month (where has the time gone?!) I’m so excited! I hope you all love their session as much as I loved their session. Enjoy!

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