Mizpah + Scott – Beautiful Intimate Belle Isle Elopement


Covid didn’t stop these two!

Like so many others, Mizpah and Scott planned their wedding, only to be forced to reschedule due to covid. I’m heart has been breaking for my couples and my heart especially broke for these two. They’ve been together for basically ever and unfortunately couldn’t have their large wedding. Instead they decided to postpone their wedding to next year and have a small elopement on their original wedding date. These two deserve nothing but the best and even though my heart broke for them, their elopement was so special and beautiful and honestly perfect for them.

No matter what obstacles get in the way, these two come out stronger. From Covid to getting stopped by the Belle Isle DNR. Nothing is stopping these two! I know what you’re thinking, what bad luck, right? I always believe everything happens for a reason and honestly if these two can handle what life has been throwing at them lately, then they can handle ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Can’t wait to party with these two next year!!

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