Autumn + Josh – Honcho Restaurant Anniversary Session

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

It seemed fitting to post this little blog post today. As many of you know, John and I moved to the Oakland County area about 8 or so months ago. Since we moved, we’ve been exploring new locations and restaurants. We came accross this place on one of those nights where “I don’t know what I want to eat” and “I don’t care, just pick anywhere.” But honestly that last line is a lie because I totally care hahaha. John came in clutch when he found this little restaurant in Downtown Clarkston called Honcho. You guys, this is the cutest place I’ve ever seen.

I texted my other photog friend Courtney (Courtney Anna Photography) and told her we NEEDED to photograph a couple here. That’s how perfect this location is. Next thing you know, we put out a model call for a couple and Autumn and Josh ended up messaging us! Ya’ll this couple is GOALS. Literal goals.

Autumn let us know that its close to their wedding anniversary which made this session even more special. These two have known each other since high school and have the cutest and funniest stories about how they ended up meeting/dating. Just ask them, they’ll tell ya! Courtney and I had a blast photographing these two!

  1. Taryn says:

    You guys are the cutest couple ever!! love my fam <3

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